by kennis harvey
(chicago, il.)

it is EVIL to be a (gay) levi. 20:13; rom. 1:24-28.

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The 501c3 places abortion, homosexuality, homosexuality marriage, transsexuals surgeries (children too), who's fault is squarely on the church. YEAH has put the blame on us, not America, because the 501c3 was the door to the Johnson act! I am sure you know who was the inspiration for that! Clean up so we can remarry our Savior, Yashua, and have robes that are spotless! I no longer participate in 501c3 churches! Do yourselves a favor and YouTube Tru news Mark Taylor Prophecies. I was the recorder in early 2016.
I love you, Bros. And Sisters in Christ!


It is EVIL to be a gay
by: Dr. Thomas

It is evil to be many things. The sin that drove Jesus over the edge of tolerance was hypocrisy.

Evil is not who you are -- evil comes from what you do. Some people think blue-eyed people are evil. Some may be depending on what they do.

It is not evil to be a politician -- but to wage genocide against innocent civilians is evil.

Your thought is too truncated and applied abstractly to no one in particular. Abstractions cannot be evil, only individual people can be evil.

Romans 1:24 can be applied to heterosexual adulterers.

Leviticus 20-13 suggests the evil act of anal sexual intercourse between males -- but does God approve of it when a church-going married couple engages in the same practice -- when a man lies with his wife as if he were with another man?

Just asking.

Thanks for writing.

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