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The 501c3 Application Undermines Ministry
June 03, 2010

How the 501c3 Application
Prevents Authentic Ministry

Are you ready for this?

Most people have the mistaken belief that churches must have tax exempt status bestowed on them by the IRS. And that they must file an application with the IRS under 26 US Code Sec. 501(c)(3) in order to function as a church.

The IRS disagrees...making clear in its own publication #1828 "Tax Guidelines for Churches and Religious Organizations" that churches need have nothing at all to do with the IRS.

The IRS also makes clear that it only "recognizes" the tax immunity of churches...that it does not "confer" that immunity because church immunity to taxation is secured by the US Constitution...It is not conferred by IRS declaration.

The downside to consenting to be governed by federal tax law, by submitting a 501c3 application, is that the churches agree to give up their Constitutional right to freedom of political speech. This means they cannot endorse publicly political candidates who respect God's law and must passively permit their congregations to vote for politicians who have contempt for God's law.

The Constitution only says that Congress cannot interfere in does not say that the churches cannot interfere in government.

But once a church consents to seek the jurisdiction of federal tax laws by submitting a 501c3 application it gives up its political voice...and curtails the religious and moral teachings that are proper to authentic ministry.

It puts boundaries where there should not be any!!!

Learn more about the fascinating interface between God's law and civil law.

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