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January 11, 2009
Hello again!

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It's a fact...ministers are pretty much on their own without supervision as they go about the important business of intervening in people's lives. help ministers supervise themselves and continue their own formation in ministry as they become more experienced...we'll be offering ebooks and articles to our subscribers as they are produced.

You already have The Ministry help distinguish ministry from non-ministry activity.

In the next week I'll have a new eBook up for you to download titled "How to Cure Thought Viruses that Infect Minstry."

There are certain common ideas in ministry taken from the clinical records of those sent for evaluation and treatment because of boundary violations. These ideas undermine the minister's reasoning skill and lead to interventions with the people that violate boundaries.

I'll send you a short email next week just to let you know the download page is up.

Please feel free to give us any feedback on the ebook that would make it more helpful.


Here's a quote from one person helping people to change to another...

"People are hard to change because they are like water. Water always seeks the path of least resistance...and people are 98% water!!" T.D.

As always we invite your comments, questions and experiences by writing us through our contact us page

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