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Download instructions for Thought Virus eBook
January 17, 2009
Hello again!

Link to download Thought Virus eBook

Here's the link to download your FREE ebook...

"How To Cure Thought Viruses That Infect Ministry"

In the ebook there is a live link to our Contact Us page. Please write us with your comments and suggestions on how to improve our efforts at helping ministers protect themselves...their ministries...and the people to whom God sends them.

Helping ministers to supervise their own ministries...and those of people they train and crucial to prevent loss of ministers and ministry because of boundary violations.

Take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts (virus free, of course!).


Here's the link...

If the link is not live...just copy and paste it into your browser.

Here's a quote from one person helping people to change to another...

"People are hard to change because they are like water. Water always seeks the path of least resistance...and people are 98% water!!" T.D.

As always we invite your comments, questions and experiences by writing us through our contact us page

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