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Managing time
November 01, 2009
Hello again!

Effective Time Management For Effective Ministry


Time is a major boundary in each of our lives. It begins when we are born...and ends 650,000 hours later when we die.

Poor time management is a major cause of burnout in ministry.

Effective time management leaves you free to do ministry effectively and then have a private life with friends...just as Jesus did.

Do you procrastinate and get off schedule or fail to accomplish things in a timely manner?

Or do you procrastinate effectively? Procrastination is a great skill to have if you understand how to do it.

If you don't know how to procrastinate properly it can undermine everything you need to do in life.

Do you know the difference between goals and wishes?

One gets you where you want to go...the other needs a fairy godmother who's never on schedule when you need her.

Do you think you have trouble setting goals? You don't...because you do it all day long.

Do you know that goal setting has its own language? And it's simple to learn.

Do you know that meetings are an enormous time waster? Because...the person sitting next to you shouldn't be there.

Do you know how overly helpful people can create serious boundary problems that waste time?

Do you know how needing to be needed by your parishioners and congregation members wastes time?

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