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The First Commandment fobids choosing slavery.
August 03, 2010

The First Commandment Forbids Chossing Slavery
So We Remain Free To Choose God's Law

Did you know that when most of us learned the First Commandment we only learned part of it?

We recited: "I am the Lord thy God...thou shalt not have strange gods before me." And that was it.

But we didn't learn WHY we should not worship other gods.

Essentially, the First Commandment is a prohibition against choosing slavery to earthly governments...choosing to be indentured servants to those governments.

And did you know that many of the Israelites told God to leave them alone...that they felt secure under the oppressive regime of Pharaoh! Go figure.

You cannot choose slavery and be in a covenant with God. Because all contracts (and a covenant is a contract) require that both parties be FREE. And slaves are not free to choose between God and mammon...they must serve mammon.

So the First Commandment requires that you choose to be free so that you can enter into a covenant with God.

Learn the Israelites...many modern day ministers also prefer indentured servitude to "Pharaoh" and agree to censor themselves and not speak God's truth in violation of the First Commandment.

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