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Formation of Conscience in Adolescence
November 30, 2009
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Conscience Formation In Adolescents


Formation of conscience is crucial to effective Christian Youth Ministry because...

Today's adolescents find themselves in many situations which require serious moral judgment...early sexual activity, abortion, same-sex marriage, illegally downloading copyrighted material from the internet...and so forth.

Today, the blogs and socializing websites of the internet make it likely that adolescents, for better or for worse, will be more exposed on a daily basis to the values of their cyber friends than to those of their parents and ministers. It is the values of their cyber friends that will most likely become their conscience formation.

Unfortunately, it is too common for adolescents to approach a youth minister with a moral dilemma only to be taught that the adolescent's FEELINGS are the standard of morality and the reliable guide to behavior.

Proper formation of conscience must keep feelings in their proper place because...

The Ten Commandments put a brake on feelings...requiring what a Christian adolescent may not FEEL like doing (e.g. honoring their parents by coming home at the specified hour)...and prohibiting what a Christian adolescent may FEEL like doing (e.g. stealing copyrighted material).

To read some examples of how a youth minister dealt with a morally troubled adolescent over the issue of same-sex marriage Go here

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