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God's politics and human politics differ in important ways
July 12, 2011

God's Politics And Human Politics
Contradict Each Other

God' Politics? you may ask. What does God in politics have to do with ministry?

It's odd to think of God as a politician,isn't it?

But, he is because...

Politics is nothing more than the art of governing.

And all governing, by whatever 'ism' it is known, takes place under a set of laws.

And all politicians who would govern, including God, must convince the people to follow them by offering attractive benefits for the people's consent to be governed.

And that's where God's politics and human politics part ways.

God as the creator can offer benefits to his chosen people because he has full control of those benefits and he needs no intermediaries to approve or help create the things he promises. And he offers his benefits in a contract which binds him to deliver and which prevents his benefits from being arbitrarily or capriciously withdrawn.

Then, true to his word, if there is a breach of the promise, he must withdraw the benefits according to the penalty clause, which is found in every contract from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, down to a present day mortgage or car loan with your local bank.

On the other hand, human politicians using vague rhetoric make lavish promises of benefits from putting "a chicken in every pot" to "universal health care".

They cannot demonstrate their good faith by offering to deliver those benefits in a binding contract because they cannot create benefits themselves. You can't offer what you don't have.

They must get the help and approval of fellow politicians in order to deliver. And they may be completely hostile to the promised benefits.

So human politicians use vague rhetoric to convince people to submit to their governance.

God, on the other hand, uses plain language to describe what he created and can deliver without approval of anyone.

Yet so many people profess full faith and confidence in their favored politicians, who may fail them time and again because they lack control over the benefits promised.

Isn't it a wonder that so many people show little faith in God's promises which he is fully capable of delivering under a binding contract.

Have you ever wondered whether your ministry reflects full faith in God's promised benefits or whether it reflects full faith in human politicians' vague and often empty promises.

The question is important because you cannot serve two masters. Especially when their politics are at complete variance with each other.

Click the link below and evaluate your ministry and read more about how God's politics affect your ministry.

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