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The Boundary Hunter, Issue #005 -- Guilty conscience and the 'supportive' minister
August 01, 2008


A guilty conscience does not improve with 'supportive' interventions from the minister.

Most ministers want to be 'supportive' of the people who come to see them. Usually, a minister untrained in counseling interventions will be 'supportive' when the person is acting incompetently...thereby reinforcing the incompetence.

But there is another side of the coin...the minister who is 'supportive' in a way that prescribes incompetency when the person was acting competently.

This issue of The Boundary Hunter shows how a minister erred big time by being 'supportive' of a teenage actor who came to him with a troubled conscience about a part he had agreed to play in a movie.

Follow the link to read the story...then go to our contact page and tell us what you think the boundary issue is when a minister deals with someone's conscience

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