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What does the Image of God mean in the Creation Story?
July 26, 2011

God's Image and Likeness:
Does God Look Like Us?

That we are made in Godís image and likeness has created an often contentious controversy in Christian and Jewish thinking about the actual gender of God based on the fact that we are male and female, made in God's image and likeness.

An so modern-day gender politics, which rightly demands equal representation in the workplace, demands equal representation in the image of God.

And so, now people pray to "God our Father" or "God our Mother" or "God our Father and Mother".

Some justify these contradictory titles of God based on the fact that the name for God in the Genesis creation story, "Elohim" is masculine but plural and comes from the feminine word "Eloah".

And so they conclude that God is two Gods, one male and one female.

However, this is a tortured reading of the Hebrew text. And a gendered God, and especially a bi-gendered God, cannot be justified from the Hebrew words in the Creation Story.

For example,the Hebrew word that is translated as the "image" of God has no gender at all and not even any reference to the flesh.

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