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Boundaries for effective ministry has a new user-friendly design
July 18, 2010

New user-friendly site design

We hope you like the new design for the boundaries website.

Traffic to the site and subscriptions to the newsletter have increased steadily.

And so, we want to change mere interest into a very useful site for ministers working in the vineyard...because that is where much needed church reform will come from. check the new homepage click here (If the link is not live...copy and paste it into your browser)

you will find a completely new and joyous (I think so anyway) atmosphere for exploring and using the boundaries for effective ministry material.

For example, you will find the navigation bar right under the top image and if you click on any one of the boundary topics you will be taken to the relevant boundaries page...say YOUTH...or PERSONAL...or the thought-provoking POLITICAL (what could politics have to do with effective ministry??)

And here's the neat part! When you get to the general page for the category you clicked on...there is a left column navigation bar containing links to all the relevant pages for that category.

So you can be up to speed in a whole area of boundaries that impact on ministry in a very short time. Remember...this is a site about EFFECTIVE ministry...a ministry that God can rely on to bring both you and the people safely home.

Now you can quickly...and self-supervision so you do not inadvertently derail your ministry from achieving its divine purpose.

You can quickly pull together a syllabus for a discussion group with other ministers or those to whom you minister.

You can add your own material and develop a workshop for the people to whom you minister or for training other ministers

...and if you're an can write job descriptions for ministers you hire that help keep them safely within proper boundaries so their ministries will be effective in bringing the people to God (there is no other purpose for ministry, is there?).

The possibilities for you to become a highly reliable minister in God's eyes are virtually unlimited as you work with and add your own experience and wisdom to the material presented here.

We have kept the collapsible panels because of these advantages...

they shorten the page...

you do not have to leave the page and go to another to get the material...

They identify important content (such as definitions) that you can find immediately without having to search through the text...

We hope you will find this new design easy to use in making the material relevant to your daily ministry.

NOTE: Older versions of browsers may make your experience less than satisfying because they have not kept up with radically new ways of constructing and designing web pages...and so they become confused when they don't understand the new codes.

So...for the best experience (all over the net) you should make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox (recommended for this site) or Internet Explorer. All of the browsers are FREE downloads and install in seconds. So why limit your experience. Upgrade today.

In the future you can look for videos and more free ebooks. always...your feedback is always welcome. For example...what kind of videos or audios would you like to have? What ebooks would be useful to you.

See you on

All the best.

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