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Pornography Addiction In Children and Adolescents
March 04, 2010

Pornography Addiction and Youth Ministry

Are you ready for this?

Do you know that pornography addiction among teenagers and pre-teen children, both boys and girs, has become an ever increasing problem?

Do you know that pornography addiction has the same effects on a youth as if he or she were sexually abused by an adult?

Do you know the difference between addiction and compulsion?

Read "Mikey's" story of how he became addicted to pornography at the age of 12.

And we need your help to increase awareness of this heartbreaking problem, so add your wisdom with questions and statements.

Then click on the title bar at the end of the article and tell us what your understanding and reactions are...ask questions, make statements. Make up an anonymous name and tell us your professional or personal experience with this addiction.

Be part of the solution by getting the problem out in the open as the first step to solving it.

See you there!

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