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Using emailing in ministry can create unexpected boundary violations.
September 01, 2009
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How eMailing Can Undermine
Professional Boundaries In Ministry.


Email creates special boundary problems for the minister who gives out his or her email address.

First, it is a breach of time boundaries and may undermine effective time management. Emails can be written and replied to at times when the ministry relationship is not in effect. All non-family relationships have times when they are in effect and when they are not.

Second, email confidentiality doesn't exist. It can be read and altered as it travels over the web. This is a serious problem if either party makes reference to spiritual direction or other counseling issues.

Third, the meaning of what is said in an email may become distorted. People in a positive or negative transference with the minister may misunderstand what is said, to the detriment of the minister.

Read what happened to Father Ron when he expressed his pastoral caring for a woman parishioner at...

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