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Understanding Romans 13:1 to evaluate government evil
December 01, 2010

Does the Letter to the Romans authorize
Government sexual molestation?


Letter to the Romans Chapter 13:1ff

Did you know that there are ministers who say that from their Romans Bible Study, we are mandated by God to to obey even evil governments?


For one thing, it cuts the First Commandment right out of the Decalogue. Just like that!

In that Commandment, God removed his people from servitude to Egypt's Pharaoh. And the people argued that it would be better to be a slave to Pharaoh than to follow God through the desert to the promised land.

Hmm...interesting idea that -- to live under the laws of slavery rather than under God's law -- the Ten commandments -- which leave you free to live the way you want -- with a few prohibitions that protect your neighbor from any excess enthusiasm in pursuing your own interests that would infringe on their rights.

Today, Americans live under a government that claims you have no rights and they can do anything they want to you and your children if you travel. If you do not let them take naked pictures of you or let them sexually molest you, then you cannot travel.

Many people prefer these measures because they make them feel 'safe'. Another way of saying that is, they look to government officials to exert arbitrary power over them, instead of trusting in God's protection.

Ask yourself if the government is keeping you safe by committing actions against you that are crimes in every jurisdiction.

Ask yourself, if that is how God would keep you safe.

Would God fondle a nun's genitals or your genitals, and those of your young children or strip search you in public to keep you safe?

These are crimes and the law in every jurisdiction keeps you safe from anyone, government officials included, doing such things to you.

How would you as a minister, counsel people who had serious moral issues with letting government officials grope them or photograph them naked?

Would you quote Romans 13:1 and tell them "it is God's will that you embrace these actions because they are for your own good"?

Why would you think that by breaking the law and committing crimes against you a government is going to keep you safe?

You can read at the link below who the government actually is, as well as the distinction between "government" and "government officials"...they are not at all the same.

You can see images of what happens when people trust governments to keep them safe by breaking the law.

Read why Romans does not authorize obedience to evil government here.

If the link is not live, or wraps to another line, copy and paste it into your browser.

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