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Romans chapter 13 does NOT require obedience to evil governments
January 18, 2012

Romans 13:1-7 Does Not Mean
That Both Good and Evil
Governments Are Licensed by God

With the expansion of the military to police American streets with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it is time for Christians to question the authority of the federal and state governments and how that authority is being used.

Because, under the American Constitution for the united States, all government power must have the Consent of the Governed in order to be exercised by government officials.

The NDAA authorizes the military (think 18 year old enlistee) to decide that you MAY be a "terrorist" and take you off the streets where you will be held without due process of law or any remedy whatsoever (think Guantanamo).

Have you or would you authorize that? Has government gone beyond what you would consent to?

So what has that to do with Christianity? You ask.


Many ministers of government-censored 501c3 churches are taking Romans 13:1-7 out of context to preach and teach that ALL governments are directly instituted by God (the debunked divine rights of kings theory) and are free to exercise divine authority for either good OR evil purposes.

These ministers are encouraged by government to teach the heresy that ALL governments must be obeyed without question. Such ministers will be useful in helping government with crowd control,compliance, and silencing political debate and protest.

Problem is for Christians: the First Commandment (God's law) requires that God's people be free from enslaving governments in order to live under His law. You cannot serve two masters! So which will it be?

God is no respecter of kings and when the people rejected God and demanded a king, He told Samuel (I Samuel 8:10ff) all of the evils that a king would work on them and that they should not look to Him for relief when they discovered their mistake.

Watch the 7 minute Romans chapter 13 video to discover:

1. Who was the very first king that God punished for abusing his People?

2. Who was the second king, one of God's beloved, who God threatened to chastise if he broke with God's First Commandment law and abused his People?

3. What reigning monarch promised publicly to uphold God's law as a condition for being crowned?

4. Who invoked the divine right of kings theory and applied it to the current U.S. president.

5. Who is the only king that rules by divine right?

And more.

God does not institute earthly governments, sometimes as a democrat, sometimes as a republican, sometimes as a genocidal dictator.

If you or your pastor believe that civil governments must be obeyed because they have a divine license to do whatever they wish, then you need to bone up on Scripture.

Because the penalties promised are severe for those ministers who invoke God's name and authority for ungodly purposes. (Matthew 7:21ff).

Christians are all free to obey governments they (not God) institute as long as those governments do not violate God's law. So, there is no problem in everyone having to stop at red lights. But, there is a problem when a government decides that an unborn fetus is not a human being, and a half-born fetus is not born, so it is alright to kill it in violation of God's law.

So, if you are a minister who believes in the divine rights of civil government then you need to consider whether you are doing religious ministry or Matthew 7:21ff ministry.

If your minister teaches the divine sanctity of civil governments, then you need to rebut the heresy with the scripture and, if need be, keep your tithe off the collection plate and give it directly to someone who needs it.

Many Blessing on you and your loved ones.

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