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Three Things They Didn't Teach You In Ministry School!
January 18, 2010

Three Things They Didn't Teach You In Ministry School

Are you ready for this? They are...

1. People are going to find you to be sexy (get used to it!).

2. You are going to find them to be sexy too (and you need to know that up front!).

3. They forgot to tell you how to manage these two sexual boundary situations in order to protect your ministry from sin, scandal and meltdown.

Get help with managing your sexiness and that of others in your congregation.

Learn the two most important steps a minister MUST take to manage sexual boundaries in ministry (Jesus did it. Shouldn't you?)

Here's how some of your ministry colleagues have done it.

Read their stories. Then help and inspire others by adding YOUR story by clicking here.

NOTE: If the link is not live...or if it wraps to the next may need to copy and paste it into your browser to bring up the page.


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