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The Boundary Hunter, Issue #008 -- Stalking In Ministry
November 01, 2008
Hello again!

Stalkers in Ministry? Yes Indeed!

Stalking is a one-sided fantasy relationship...and is a serious boundary violation.

Ministers can be either stalkers...when they are obsessed with one of the faithful. And they can be the one stalked...when one of the faithful is obsessed with the minister.

Either situation is perilous because the stalker is not relating to a real person...but to an imaginary one.

That means the stalker will interpret their victim's behavior as positive or negative...depending on the stalker's needs.

If a stalker decides that their victim's behavior is negative or somehow demeaning toward them...the stalker may retaliate in some way.

Almost all of the sexual abuse cases in the Christian churches were stalking relationships...except that the stalking behavior is often called "grooming".

Find out more about both blatant and subtle stalking and how this boundary violation endangers the minister and the visiting

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