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The Boundary Hunter, Issue #010 -- Stalking Psychology
January 04, 2009
Hello again!

Stalking: when things become people substitute

Happy New Year!!! And may all your boundaries be in good shape.

This month we continue with information for self-supervision for ministers on stalking behavior they may be unaware of in themselves...where they are the stalker...and in others...where the minister is the prey.

The psychology of stalking is based on the stalker's emotional isolation from others. He or she can only relate indirectly to other people through objects associated with their prey.

I've posted a video on the website which is the best crash course in stalker psychology that I could find.

And the fetish object belonging to the prey is bubble gum!!

Check out the stalking video here

Of course, you have to have video capability on your computer. If you don't just type "Adobe Flash Player" into Google (without the quotes) and pick a site to download from.

Then read the ministry videos'll have to use your imagination.

I think you'll enjoy this learning experience.

As always we invite your comments, questions and experiences by writing us through our contact us page

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