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How to define spirituality for ministry.
March 01, 2009
Hello again!

Spirituality is a Buzzword in Ministry...Until Now!

What is spirituality?


1. The “What Is Spirituality” page is now online

This article addresses what spirituality its religious meaning and secular meaning. While secular spirituality might be concerned with private transcendental experiences (such as a feeling of oneness with the universe)...religious spirituality has conscience at the heart of it...the internal judge of right and wrong in practical daily situations.

Hopefully it will be useful to you in creating a syllabus...or planning a lecture...or a workshop... in your efforts at self-supervision...and in your efforts to develop spirituality in those to whom you minister.

2. The entire site has been reorganized to make it easier to navigate to areas of your particular interest. Different kinds of boundaries (sexual, spiritual, relational...etc.) each have their own button on the navigation bar.

3. Because web pages tend to be heavy on text...the important parts of the text are isolated in tables to make reading easier for you. Important definitions are always in a table with red text. Except if that definition is used on another page you don't have to leave the page you're on to remember the definition.

Instead the word appears in bold italics right in the text and it has a dashed blue underline beneath it. If you rest your cursor over the word (don't click)...a note will automatically appear giving you a refresher on the definition of the important terms on the site (e.g. Ministry...Boundaries... Spirituality...etc.). Pretty neat.


If you haven't already done it...don't forget to download your FREE copy of “How To Cure Thought Viruses That Infect Ministry”

And if you find the site useful...drop us a line and tell us how to make it moreso. go and be a blessing in other people's lives.


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