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Removing the 501c3 gag on church political speech
October 05, 2010

What Pastors Need to Know
About Churches and Taxation

More on Separation of Church and State...and the 501c3 gag on churches and political speech.

To be effective, ministry must be governed by God's law. It is rendered ineffective when ministers seek man made laws to suppress their religious activities.

There is a movement abroad for local churches to ignore IRS restrictions on their political speech, to which the churches agreed when they filed a 501c3 application.

However, you cannot go AWOL when you've forged an agreement with government. If there is a mistake of law, you must document that and establish your foundation for making any radical changes that involve agreed-upon legal obligations.

There is a good resource for doing just that. We didn't write it, it is a free download from a website that specializes in religious legal research. But we think it will be useful to any ministry that wants to put itself back under the Constitution rather than chafe under government censorship.

Follow this link to the download page...

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