A 'church' is Circe

by Robert Huffine
(Russellville, Arkansas, U.S.A.)

"Rendering unto Caesar what is his..." (paraphrased here) is not Yeshua(Jesus) telling us that Rome has any significant enquiry into Our Religion. They don't have!
But we the Sheeple will believe the Wolf-Man, uh, neatly-dressed Minister, just because he tells us he's anointed.
You cannot mix a crooked government into your belief system or even the subsequent operating system that's working around that personal belief.

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a wiseman loves correction
by: Anonymous

Great insight. Many of possess gifts and talents yet not the understanding or wisdom to deliver or apply them so that others may comprehend. Thats why so many disagree and divide based upon their lack of understanding or abimity to share the gifts the Most High has provided.

Thanks for giving your advice to the writer. Pray they receive it because they do possess a very neccesary and powerful gift.

A church is Circe
by: Admin

I'm afraid your post might confuse rather than enlighten many readers because you presume that they all understand your comparison of the word church (in Scots church = KIRKE)to the witch-goddess Circe of Homer's Odyssey (in Greek Circe = KIRKE), a magician/illusionist who could change the appearance of reality through her spells.

Accordingly, the way your post is written undermines the interesting point you wish to make.

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