A Shy Sexually Abused Adolescent

by Sammy

I recall one late afternoon after school hours when a young 7th grade girl from my class would occasionally approach me rather shyly. She was a petite, blond, blue-eyed beauty.

In class she spoke in a soft subdued voice and acted so as not to draw any attention to herself nor did she volunteer any questions or answers.

She was quiet, intelligent and did well but usually kept to herself. She was a loner on the playground. She could be found in a corner somewhere reading a book or writing in her notebook.

So I was surprised on this particular day when she rushed into my classroom. Her face was red and her eyes glistening. She began to babble..."I don't want to go home...I can't go home." "Why not, what is the matter?..." "I'm afraid it will happen again." "What will happen again?.." "It's my brothers." She then burst into tears and could barely catch her breath.

She then told me her story...how her brothers would wait for her to get home from school, grab her, take her into her bedroom, tie her up by the hands in the closet then proceed to abuse her...She shuddered as she gave the details with halting breaths.

One of our mothers from the school was a Catholic social worker. I called her immediately. She advised that we keep her safely at the school until she could get there.

The girl repeated what she had told me to this mother and Counselor.

The authorities were called and the process of setting things aright began.

In the end the young adolescent was sent away to live with an Aunt. The two brothers, both teenagers, ended up in the juvenile justice system.

Hopefully, this lovely girl so full of potential, found someone to help her find her true self and that her life was not ruined by the abuse.

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When protection comes after the abuse...it's not reallly protection is it?
by: Jen

One of the things kids who are sexually abused learn very early is that the world is not a safe place. What I mean is that when they discover, as this girl did, that there is no one to protect them from the abuse [before] it happens, then [protection after the abuse may only be temporary]. She tried to protect herself by avoiding notice and trying to be invisible. This may be an unconscious strategy she continues to use as an adult even though she has more resources as an adult to protect herself. People may even like her for her 'modesty'. But, the original intent of her avoidance of others can remain even after the abuse stops.

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