Does Adolescent Sexual Abuse
Have Lasting Effects?

You may wonder why anyone would ask if adolescent sexual abuse creates problems in a victim's life. It's obvious isn't it?

You're right of course.  And you might even know someone…maybe even yourself…who was sexually abused as a child or as a teenager.

Others have told their stories (you can read them below). So why not tell YOUR story (you can use a made up name if you like just as Fr. Mike did) because...

the victim’s reactions to sex abuse take many different forms...from post traumatic stress disorder to complete denial.

Everyone knows that many adults who suffered adolescent sexual abuse also suffered ongoing emotional abuse. However...

What is not so commonly known is that some people who were sexually abused were not emotionally traumatized...and even enjoyed their experience.

But that doesn't mean they weren't abused!

Emotional trauma is only one of the effects of sexual abuse.

A person can have several problems from the abuse ...some obvious...others not so obvious.

In Fr. Mike's case it was his good judgment that was traumatized.

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Father Mike's pleasant sexual abuse

Father Mike was ordained 15 years when the first accusations of adolescent sexual abuse were made against him.

Until then...Father Mike was a well-loved priest with a passion for social justice.

And he worked tirelessly for the rights of the poor and the marginalized people of developing countries.

Naturally...the people who loved and revered Father Mike were devastated...and felt betrayed...when his sexual history became known.

During his mandatory evaluation...Father Mike explained his actions this way...

He had an ongoing sexual affair when he was a teenager with his pastor.

Father Mike said that he felt very good about the experience at the time...and still does.

He did not find it traumatic...he loved the priest with whom he was involved...and bears neither him nor the church any ill will. 

The unfortunate thing was that Father Mike decided to he said..."a ministry to the sexual awakening of teenagers".

He felt that his sexual experiences with his own pastor were very good for him...and "he wanted to pass the benefits he got from it on to adolescents in his ministry".

Father Mike’s adolescent sex abuse may have been pleasurable...but even poisonous mushrooms can taste good.

Though Father Mike was not emotionally traumatized …he really suffered ongoing effects of the abuse because...

It led to seriously impaired judgments in adulthood...that lost Fr. Mike his priesthood...his ministry...his good name...and the chance to contribute whatever good was in him through ministry.

Other victims do have emotional trauma from adolescent sexual abuse ...others have difficulties in their self-image...or difficulty relating to others...and some former victims are always angry but don't know why.

Below is an invitation to share your story to increase people's awareness  of what you and other victims go through.  You can be anonymous, you can use just a first name, or you can use a different name.  (Though we would find it helpful to know what country you're from.)

How have you had to cope with Adolescent Sexual Abuse in your life or how have you helped someone else?

Share your story! You're not alone. Let others know what the effects of adolescent sexual abuse were in your life (e.g. Loss of faith? Fear of intimacy? Difficulty sustaining relationships? Weight gain or loss? Counseling others? etc.) Then if you can, offer some advice and encouragement to help others by sharing whether you've been able to do anything to lessen any negative effects your abuse had on you.

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