Ahuvah Ministries PS Inc.

by eema b palmer

Please e mail to: shalomps@hotmail.com we recently incorporated our small Hebrew Christian ministry with the state of California so that we would be free to meet in our homes and do online ministry work within the legal framework of state requirements. When we received Articles of Incorporation we were notified that we needed to file forms with the California States Attorney Office, California Secretary of State and California Tax Franchise Office. We also had to apply for state tax exemption or otherwise pay state yearly fee of 800 dollars. We are in process of filing the 3 above mentioned required forms. My question is will we also need to file any mandated Federal forms and or 501c3? We would like to keep the incorporated status because of the horrific California gestapo like tactics that we have been aware of with state/counties forcing groups to abandon home prayer meetings. We would be so very grateful for your advice on our situation. I am a California licensed pastor and do NOT want to be mandated to perform sodomite marraiges. I thank you for your website and your help with all Christian issues. Shalom and God Bless You and your Work. eema b palmer

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Ahuvah Ministries PS Inc.
by: Admin

Once you have put yourself under the corporate law of the state, you are engaged in commerce.

Once you get the state's permission to do something by asking for a license, then you must play by the rules the state sets down.

A licensed minister cannot serve two masters. He or she cannot be a witness for God when he or she has consented to be a witness for the state at a marriage ceremony.

If you wish to keep your state license, then you must play by the state's rules.

If the state says you will witness the marriages of same-sex couples you have already given your consent to do so when you applied for a license to be an agent of the state.

If your church is incorporated under the commercial code of the state (and it is), then you cannot demand the state to protect God's interests as their first priority. They can and will, by force if necessary, protect the state's interest when state law and God's law conflict.

That is the reality of your situation: By placing your faith in the state to protect you, you have put God on notice that you do not believe in his protection.

And if you read I Samuel 8:6-18, where God tells Samuel of the evils of the king's laws, he says quite plainly that when you put yourself under the king's protection, he will not hear your prayer when the king oppresses you with his law.

You are trying to live a contradiction, which is impossible.

You must be true to your master and that can be either God or the state, but it cannot be both.

State-governed 'ministry'
by: Admin

Thank you for writing because your post makes it clear that you cannot serve two masters, God and the state, simultaneously.

Once you incorporated your ministry, which is religious activity that brings BOTH the minister and the people closer to God,you ceased to be a church or ministry. Because as your post tells us, you have brought yourself only closer to the state through all of its requirements and prohibitions.

Also, a corporation is an artificial entity and not an, ekklesia (ecclesia) a gathering of real humans with the intention of becoming closer to God.

You have put your ministry under the jurisdiction of the state, and thereby removed it from God's jurisdiction. Being governed by state rules and requirements under color of religion is soundly rejected by Jesus in the gospel of Matthew 7:21ff.

If your ministry is a creature of the state, then you must play by state rules. If it is not a creature of the state, then it is free to exist and function under God's law without interference from the state. The First Amendment to the Constitution recognizes this, and no state constitution may contradict the Constitution for the United States.

You might want to rethink what you hope to accomplish and start over. Otherwise, you must live under the law to which you have consented. And it is a maxim of law that "One who consents, cannot complain of an injury."

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