by Betty Dolan
(Grand junction,Colorado)

I kept wondering why I was so unsatisfied with my "churches" music and "preaching"and what was wrong.It was not lining up with what my minister preached when I was a kid I'm 57.why the music didn't do any thing for me,why the sermons were so watered down,never an Alter call,instead of the minister being in front praying,during praise and worship, he was always in the back,doing I don't know want, people started telling me,l complained too much. I started to notice he would not stand up to things he should have.He never preaches against anything.They're 20 minutes and most of the time, no body can remember what the sermon was about.I started to learn about the CCM,Contemporary Christian Music, and how destructive that is and the 501c3 and it is all coming together.Satan has got his clutches in our precious churches.We don't even call them CHURCHES anymore,their all"centers" of some type.well I won't be walking into any CENTERS ANY MORE.

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Coming out of church yesterday, I felt exactly like you do/did. Did you find any church in your area that appeased your inner self?

online networking for non-501c3-ers
by: Anonymous

there are websites for networking online
such as
i suggest starting a group to pray for local needs in your area
and then see if that leads to a worship situation as you get to know one another

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