Can Catholic Campus
Ministry Take Place
On A Couch?

Let's define catholic campus ministry first...

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Catholic Campus Ministry is...

Religious Activity...

extended to the college campus

in bring

both minister and students

closer to God

And this ministry serves young adults from 18 to 22 years old who are at their sexual peak...and most of whom are away from the guiding influence of home values...making decisions entirely on their own...for the first time. So...

The successful transition from parental values...

to near autonomy in making choices...

would have to be a major focus of campus ministry.

However...if catholic campus ministers are themselves not sufficiently mature socially and psychosexually┬ůopportunities can occur easily for boundary violations with this young and sexy population .

According to a famous Aristotle quote words, such as ministry and spiritual direction must be properly defined if ministers are to know whether they are doing ministry or something else.

Undefined terms like spiritual direction have no commonly understood meaning in catholic campus ministry and mean whatever the participants want it to mean.

We have defined ministry on our homepage. And here we will define what the ministry of spiritual direction is so we can judge the scenario in the example below for its ministerial soundness.

Spiritual direction defined

Spiritual direction is...

Expert religious counsel...

that activates the conscience with God's law...

and results in moral behavior

In the following example of Catholic campus ministry spiritual direction is not defined. And so without a definition to give the minister's activity a correct meaning, the misnamed spiritual direction in the example takes place in the wrong context and location. And that is how Catholic campus ministry can become romantic and erotic.

Example of erotic "spiritual direction"

Father Jeffrey is a 40 year old...boyish looking...priest who was ordained 12 years and had charge of the Catholic campus ministry in this example.

He had no specific training to work with young was just an age group that he liked.

Nor did he have training as a spiritual director.

In order to seem "relevant" to the young men who came to see him...he gave them keys to his apartment.

The students could come and go at leisure whether or not the priest was at home.

He did spiritual direction in his the living room.

The students began to talk about what they were getting for spiritual direction from the campus minister.

The minister was removed from his assignment and sent for an evaluation and residential treatment.

The interview went as follows. (The examiner's questions are in bold type)...

Where do you do spiritual direction?

In the living room.

Where do you sit?

On the sofa.

Where does the student sit?

On the sofa.

Such counseling is usually done face to face. But this setup creates a picture of two people doing spiritual direction while facing North. So the examiner inquired further.

Is this couch a two seater or a three seater?

Two seater.

You cannot assume anything with a person who has boundary deficits...such as context and location 'blindness.' Most people would not inquire about the size of the sofa the spiritual director used in his Catholic campus 'ministry'. Being a "love seat" inspires some interesting questions

How do you interact with each other?

We are each leaning against the arm of the sofa.

Where are your legs then?

Up on the sofa.

Do you each have one leg between the legs of the other?


This information adds an active sexual element to the proceedings. And so, further questions along this line get asked

What do you wear during these sessions?

Usually running shorts.

Taking nothing for granted the examiner seeks to complete the picture.

Anything else?

Not usually.

Do you have anything to drink during these sessions?

Wine during the evening sessions.

And as the reader can see...if these sessions took place in an office...set aside for Catholic campus would be hard to redefine the session into a romantic quasi sexual event.

And by choosing a highly personal romanticized setting for spiritual direction with young adults...both director and student could think...that because of the 'informality' of the college life-style...they were doing spiritual direction...when they were actually engaged in something erotic.

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