by Chantel A. Smith

I don't think any church should be a 501c3 church. It is not biblical. Even Jesus says render unto -Cesar what is -Cesar , and render unto God what is Gods. Preachers are to preach the whole Word not just part, because of gov. or the IRS.

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by: Admin

Good point Chantel, a true church (a gathering of the People in God's name) can never seek the jurisdiction of a government without disestablishing itself as a church.

And the quote you cite is a bit tricky because the socialist government like we have in the Us of A sees itself as god, the provider of all benefits. And most Christians agree when they look to the government to provide them with tax breaks, food and shelter when a flood strikes, etc. etc. etc.

So, from the state's point of view, when a Christian says: "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's" -- keep in mind that the state understands Caesar and God to be one and the same.

This occurred under the Flavian emperors, who considered themselves to be god, and insisted that a statue of the emperor be placed in the holy of holies in Jerusalem and in all places of Jewish worship.

So, when a "church", for thirty pieces of silver, in the form of a "tax break", invites government censorship of God's truth, it has turned God and Caesar into one and the same being.

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by: Anonymous

It's really that simple. Well said, Chantel

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