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by Les Davis
( Lake Worth Florida)

I have worked in the judicial system for 16 years as the CIO which does not qualify me as a legal scholar. However, I know plenty of judges and lawyers that have discussed this issue with me.

Before Florida implemented the gay marriage law, I brought this issue to my pastor at a board meeting. The topic was protection against possible lawsuits regarding the gay marriage legalization forced upon the general population.

Question: could the federal government threaten churches with loss of tax exemption unless the church marries gay, lesbian or transgender couples?

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Can church lose 501c3 status for refusal to marry gay people
by: Admin

The answer is YES THEY CAN deal with a 501c3 church in any way they see fit because...

the church applied in writing and paid a fee for the IRS to govern their activities and make their rules for them.

If you remove yourself from God's jurisdiction and seek the jurisdiction of the king (i.e. the state) then you must play by the state's rules.

There are court cases about issues that offended God's law but did not offend the king's law. The king won each time.

Such as -- the (501c3) church elders who decided not to withhold taxes from their employees remuneration. They claimed they were servants of God not the state. They lost in court and the ministry buildings were taken over by the US marshalls.

A 501c3 Christian children's home fired a woman counselor on religious grounds because she was openly lesbian. The case went on for more than ten years and the home had to agree not to enforce its religious beliefs if they still wanted the king's money

a baker with a state business license refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple ["... the king will use your daughters as cooks and bakers" (1 Sam 8:13)]. The license gave the state jurisdiction which ordered the bakery to pay a $150,000 settlement to the two brides. Under such oppression from the king, the bakery had no choice but to close the business.

If you sought and paid for recognition as a 501c3 under the king's laws then you are honor bound to obey those laws.

God had Samuel warn the people -- when they rejected God for the jurisdiction of the king -- that the king would become oppressive.

But, God tells Samuel "When this takes place you will complain against the king WHOM YOU HAVE CHOSEN, but on that day the Lord will not answer you."

Check it out -- I Samuel 8: 1-18

What could be plainer than that?

When you abandon God's law -- you are on your own because God is not some armoured knight on a big white horse who will rescue you from the whims of the king when you and the king disagree.

So, if you sought 501c3 status get ready to kiss the two lesbian or transgender brides or shake hands with the two grooms.

To pray for God's protection from the king after you have formally rejected God's governance is to invoke the name of the Lord in vain (Exodus 20:7) -- a punishable offense. And the punishment is that God leaves you to deal with the merciless king as best you can.

As the old saying goes -- be careful what you ask for because you're probably going to get it.

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