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Hello could you please tell me if this 501c3 form also relates ,to the Churches in Australia or if there is another form which is identified under another code or title, that would be the equivalent of this 501c3 form. Also how in particular would that operate in the state of Victoria and including other states, of Australia . I would like to share any valid and clearly very important facts about this issue with key people Pastors and Leaders, to avoid putting themselves and others at risk. Could you also include New Zealand and the Philippines in relation to the above and or offer contact links and information.Where will I view your answer and response on this? Thank you very much, to all of your staff and helpers, whom are doing a very significant and important work. Which is major in presenting , the truth and facts, enabling people to make wise decisions.

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Discern and Cover
by: Dr. Thomas

Hi, thanks for writing.

The application form for 26 USC 501c3 status is -- to the best of our knowledge -- specific to the United States and its territories.

You would need to check with the taxing authorities in the country where you would like to have tax-exempt status to see what their paperwork requirements are.

Due to time constraints, we cannot research the issue for you for the jurisdictions you mention. But, all you have to do is start with a search engine and type in something like -- tax exempt form for churches in Australia (or whatever country you are interested in). You will surely find the information you seek.

But, be aware that the state and church relationship varies by jurisdiction. In America, the IRS only RECOGNIZES the preexisting immunity of the churches from taxation -- the IRS does not GRANT tax immunity. And a pastor's subjecting an American church to the government's jurisdiction is completely voluntary -- and often based in ignorance of plainly written legal codes.

In a country where the religion is a state-created religion, the system may be very different. If for example England's queen -- the embodiment of the state -- is the Supreme Head of the church (instead of God being the Supreme Head of the church) then the tax issue may be very different from that of America. Same for Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Hope this help you to think it through.

Good luck in your research.

All the best

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