Elder of a church

by paul coccaro
(new lenox,ill.)

We are a church and applied for a 501c3 status and I beleive recognized as church , but the IRS felt we din' need a certificate.Are we under the legal obligations of the 501c3? Some said we might be obligated to disclose wages of the staff.True or False?

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Elder of a church and 501c3
by: Admin

1. You have applied for 501c3 status with the IRS, but

2. the IRS says you do not need a certificate of recognition from them that you are a church

3. your employees wages may have to be disclosed to the IRS.

Response: When you voluntarily asked to be governed by the IRS, you agreed to follow all of their rules and regulations to the letter or face fines and penalties for not doing so. You need to check their website at www.irs.gov to find out what you have signed up for.

The IRS cannot decide who is a church and who is not a church. Only the church can decide that. They could not under any set of circumstances decide that you are a church or not a church. The organizations under 501c3 of Title 26 of the US Code contains many types of 'exempt' organizations including sports clubs.

As a 501c3 organization you are just another group that wants its political activities censored by the IRS.

Only the people can decide if they are a church. And 501c3 'churches' are not churches in the religious or scriptural sense -- they are merely tax havens.

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