by Cassandra
( bluefield, wv)

Totally agree, however how do you become an organization that can license ministers

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non-501c3 church and licensed ministers
by: Admin

Excellent question, because it raises the issue of being consistent.

To form a non-5021c3 church and then staff it with state controlled licensed ministers is a contradiction. That is, each side of the equation', non-501c3 church + state licensed ministers, cancels out the other side resulting in a nullity.

Here is a short video on the 501c3 application trap,


The principle that governs both sides of the equation is that the non-government church never deals with the state and its often ungodly requirements.

If, for example, you believe that a minister must be a licensed agent of the state to preside at a matrimonial ceremony or the people are not married, then you have to understand exactly what a license is and why a non-government church should not have licenses in any way shape or form.

You can start by viewing the 5-part series on the marriage license scam here


each video is approximate 4 minutes long.

If you think a non-government church has to deduct money from church employees' earnings and send it to the IRS, then you need to know that, like licensing, churches must volunteer and give their consent to be uncompensated, unbonded IRS agents.

Such a practice could not be lawfully imposed on a church without its consent.

Ministers, elders, or whatever title the church leaders go by is up to the church and they need no license to preside at religious ceremonies in their church.

The two people marry each other, the minister does not marry them. As the videos explain, a licensed minister is merely a state witness that the couple, by having a marriage license has given their consent to be governed by state law even when it is in conflict with God's law.

Thanks for the good question. Hope this helps you to clarify your thinking and make it consistent.

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