How I learned to deal with sexual attraction to women as a seminarian

by Brother Paul

My Seminary Professor required us to research the topic: Defining boundaries in ministry,how to keep appropriate relationships. In reading your article, Sexual Attraction In Ministry, I was taken back to times when God had defined for me the meaning why I had been assigned certain broken women to minister to.

Because of that definition of my being assigned by God to help them to heal, help their relationships to heal, and their children to heal, and that I could not touch her and perform my assignment, it helped me defining boundaries to resist any possible temptation. And one lady in particular was beautiful and tried to make advances towards me.

I am just so thankful for the assignment that my professor gave me because it led me to your website and I will carry with me greater understanding for the rest of my life and even share what I have gleaned from your teaching with others.

God bless and keep you, whoever you are that wrote these things.


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Good contribution for others in ministry formation
by: editor


You're entirely welcome. Your comments describe the very purpose of this give ministers some help in staying focused on their religious purpose even as they encounter sexual attraction toward others...and of others toward their daily ministry activities.

The fact that you were consciously aware of sexual attraction in your ministry work is vitally important...without such awareness you cannot manage your sexual responsiveness to others or theirs to you. Congratulations on learning one of the most fundamental lessons early on in your ministry training.

All the best and come back often.

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