God's Image and Likeness:
Does God Look Like You?

How we are created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27) is a ministry nightmare that creates bitter controversy by mixing gender politics with the scriptural mandate to keep the Commandments...which are gender neutral.

Michaelangelo creating Adam in the image and likeness of God

While modern day gender politics demand gender equality in the workplace (and rightly so), the same democratic idea has been applied to the alleged gender of God.

This has created contention, confusion and has led possibly to heresy and schism within the churches.

To resolve the confusion, but not the contention, people pray to God Our Father, God Our Mother and God Our Mother and Father.

Here is a reflection of the confusion of millions of people who query the search engines which return millions of pages that try to answer...

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Questions about God's sexuality

  • What is the gender of God?
  • Is God male?
  • Is God a woman?
  • Are only men created in God's image and likeness?
  • Is God our mother?
  • Is God a man?

Some teachers have even gone so far as to resolve the image and likeness gender controversy by claiming God is not a single being; s/he is two distinct beings because, they say, the Hebrew name for God, Elohim, is a masculine plural noun that embraces the feminine word, Eloah. Eloah does not mean woman or female, it means Powerful.

The two-God proponents ignore the grammatical fact that in Hebrew Elohim becomes singular when the verb is singular and masculine when the verb form is masculine; Bereshit bara Elohim. Bara = "he created". "In the beginning, God (that is, the all Powerful One) created...


The two-God theologians claim...

  1. That God is not one infinite being
  2. God is two distinct finite beings, one masculine and one feminine
  3. Gods created the earth and humans
  4. They created them in their image and likenesses; male and female they created them

But this is merely a pseudo-scholarly way of being politically correct.

It is an attempt to arrive at religious truth by misinterpreting a mere grammatical convention.

However, crawling through imaginary grammatical loopholes to reveal newer 'truer' gods, has the opposite effect...

The theological effect is heresy because with a stroke of the pen it denies the One God of the Torah, the One God of Christianity, and the One God of Islam.

Gods, one male and one female, are not supported in the Hebrew creation story because Elohim is used as the name of God, it is not used as a collective noun. Otherwise the verbs would be plural.

To create an image and likeness of God from some imagined grammatical loophole in the inspired text, to justify the politically correct demands of gender politics, is to re-create God in man's or woman's image and likeness...and thus violate the First Commandment...

Even worse, God would be contradicting himself, and sinning against himself, to make a graven image of himself in violation of his own Second Commandment (Exodus 20:1-5).

He "created them male and female" refers to Adam and Eve, not to God.

The image or likeness of God is translated from the Hebrew word tselem, which means shadow. And shadows are intangibles not concrete reproductive characteristics.

So, we must understand that our likeness to God is that we are living souls animated and overshadowed directly by his spirit.

For, God simply called forth other living creatures.

But unlike them, God breathed his own breath of life into Adam's nostrils and in that unique way Adam became a living, gendered being ensouled with God's image, his shadow.

The demands of politically correct gender politics grants us no license to recreate God from linguistic dust in our own gendered image and likeness.

In fact, the Commandments forbid us to do so.

Questions for ministers

  • Does your preaching and teaching reflect the holiness of God?
  • Or does it reflect your inability to withstand pressure from political interest groups?
  • Or does it reflect a concern for violating the unecessary 501c3 application and losing the commercial privilege to offer tax deductions to your congregation as an inducement to donate?

As you can see each of these questions is about the boundaries of ministry.

So, if the expediencey of gender politics causes you to de-emphasize God's holiness, and God's politics, to work on re-creating him in some politically acceptable bi-sexualized human digital copy, it is worth remembering and reflecting on the fact that...

  1. God punished his beloved Moses for failing to reflect his holiness to the people he had just freed from slavery to earthly government (Numbers 20:12).
  2. And Jesus solemnly denounces inauthentic ministers who use his name and sends them packing (Matthew 7:21ff).

And finally, God (the Spirit, not the bi-gendered political compromise) made it plain when he said (John 14:21):

Whoever has my commandments...

and observes them...

is the one who loves me.

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