Kay Farley, Secretary

by Kay Farley
(Benton Harbor, MI 49022)

How can you get the form for a 501 3 (C) for a church in order for us to apply for grants for youth programs and youth building...

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taking money from the state
by: Dr. Thomas

If your church wants money from the state, then you must play by the state's rules. You cannot throw God or freedom of religion, etc., into the face of 26 US Code Sec. 501(c)(3).

The organizations governed by that statute and its regulations are varied. The Church of Satan is listed among 501c3 beneficiaries, as are sporting clubs and other completely secular entities.

If your church does not understand that you cannot serve two masters, then you must question whether you are a church or a 501c3 corporate club.

Kay Farley
by: Angela

Hi Kay,
It is required from your grantors that anyone that is receiving grant funding to have a 501c3. Churches are not excluded from that. It allows the government to give you money and monitor how the money is spent by their guidelines. Corporations are allow to write off the expense of granting the funding to/and by the government. So if you take government money you are subjected to government rules. They dictate how you spend their money. So please be aware. Good luck!! Should you need more information, I can be contacted via my email. angelamackspeaks@gmail. com.

Get the Word out to the Grantors
by: Anonymous

Kay, We have got to get the grantors of miniterial grants to stop requesting that churches submit a 5013C to be eligible for grants. Grantors have not studied the laws of how this request hinder a church depending on God. Get the word out to the Grantors.


Hi, This comment is only to try to reach you because i have been trying to contact you.
If you get this message please call me at( 313) 498-1026.

Brenda Stallworth

IRS forms
by: Admin

You're on the wrong website.

Our understanding is that you can download any forms you need from irs.gov.

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