Can Fuzzy Logical Thinking
Ever Be Effective In Ministry?

Essentially logical thinking is simply the art of using words to form ideas...without contradicting yourself before you get to the end of your sentence...

Politicians are professionals at contradicting themselves in order to pursue irrational policies...

Here's an example to justify war..."War is Peace".  Or try this...the extra words don't hide the contradiction...

"I'm against the war and putting our troops in harm's way...but I want to show support for our I'm voting for more money to keep them on the front lines" (and keep them in harm's way)."

The conclusion is not related to the original statement...and the action taken is irrational.  

We do not need logicians to guide us...for they are likely to talk about useless things such as Venn diagrams or empty sets. 

We think in words.

You don't draw your opponent in a political argument circles to show she's you? use her words to dismantle her argument.

And you don't dismiss someone's point of view by telling them their opinion is just a nasty ole empty you?

What we're talking about when it comes to logical thinking and fuzzy logic is...

How words are defined and used

It's the ancient system of Aristotle...still used today...properly defined words formed into coherent ideas and rational conclusions...that prevent chaos and permit communication between people.

And this proper definition of words is important so that ministry may be rational.  I think you would agree that anything that has the power to destroy both minister and ministry should be defined. and...

ministry is the most overused...undefined word in Christendom.

So...we have given a universal definition of ministry as an antidote to those who believe that "everything" is ministry (including adolescent sexual abuse and church embezzlement).

So what exactly is ministry?

Ministry is...

Religious activity...

that brings both minister and people...

closer to God

However, ministers need a certain kind of fuzzy logic...but it must only be applied after ministry is carefully defined as above.

What is fuzzy logic?

Fuzzy logic...definitely not logical what you hear everyday from politicians.

Their pronouncements sound okay even reasonable...but they have few  characteristics of reason.

And the tool of political speakers is rhetoric...and the goal of political speech is to lull the listener's mind into uncritical acceptance.

And guess who has written extensively on rhetoric. If you said Aristotle...go right to the head of the class. The man who described logical thinking also described rhetoric or "emotional thinking".

Every modern day speaker relies on Aristotle's principles of rhetoric. Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy were masters at forming the persuasive phrase.

"This sceptered isle...this blessed plot...this England!!!"

persuaded every Englishman to fight the enemy...even though there's not a trace of logic in it!.

"Ask not what your country can do for you...
but what you can do for your country!!!"

A beautiful phrase...with no logical form or conclusion...that inspired the Peace Corps...which still operates nearly half a century later.

And what Christian is not inspired and moved by the words of Jesus...

  • Blessed are the poor in spirit...for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

  • Blessed are they who mourn...for they will be comforted

  • Blessed are the clean of heart...for they will see God

No logic anywhere in those statements...nor should there be!

There is a time to speak directly to the heart.

So why do we need logic...
when fuzzy logic is so effective?

That's an important question...for a number of reasons...

  • It implies that logical thinking and fuzzy logic are interchangeable (remember "War is Peace"?). They are not. So they have to be defined so their difference is clear

  • Rhetoric is always used to persuade others...when you turn it on yourself you run the risk of persuading yourself of something that is not true.

  • Logical thinking always aims toward truth...the rhetoric of fuzzy logic can be used for good OR for persuade someone that a lie is the truth

Hitler was a master at using rhetoric for evil. So was Lady Macbeth. So was the serpent in the Garden of Eden (Gn3:1ff).

When fuzzy logic is used for evil purposes it degenerates into logical contradictions like God approves adultery.

Fuzzy logical thinking can be effective in ministry with a qualified yes.  


Only if the ministry is defined properly to begin with to ensure that it is religious action and to give it proper scope and boundaries.

If that condition is present...then the ministry actually needs fuzzy logic...or rhetoric to inspire the mystical yearnings of the heart.

But mystical rhetoric can never define a can only make a properly defined ministry effective. Put another way....

the fuzzy logic of rhetoric is a quality of a well-defined ministry...not its cause.

And make certain that your ministry is on a sound rational self-supervision and audit yourself...because boundaries and proper thinking are crucial to effective ministry.

From logical thinking you can see how thought viruses use fuzzy logical thinking to undermine ministry. And download a FREE copy of "How To Cure Thought Viruses That Infect Ministry"

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