Looking for a non 5013c church

by mary
(saint louis mo)

Hi I am looking for a non 5013c church in saint louis mo.
please help if you can!
Thank you

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Non 501C3 Church
by: Anonymous

The Church I attend has not asked for 591c3 status. It is Rock Family Church in Pacific Missouri. We would live to have you check us out. We start Sun morn service at 10am.q

lone cross person in Wisconsin
by: Agent7887

I give praise and glory to the most high GOD, being the FATHER the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. Why?
Because when things were really looking grim and i had been suddenly put in VERY stressfull situation, (job loss, eviction notice, no transport or money, mouths to feed) Well i can say that my prayers were answered.
I was brought home to minister to my UNSAVED family. I left Texas with my truck, my animals, my FEW possessions and enough money to go 1145 miles on less then $100. Got to the town of Sauville WI, found a way to eat and get internet service and serve Jesus by serving others.
TO those who read this i say AMEN. I am always looking for a local "church" to attend and worship with likeminded believers.
i cannot and will not go 5o1c3. i will pray for direction from the spirit.
I have and will continued to search for the right church solution. And i will look forward to any and all comments. Thanks for this platform to express these words.

Moving from Texas to Wisconsin under stessfull circumstances
by: Steve Neumann

I am originally from Wisconsin. In Late february of 2016 i learned my mother (73yrs old) is down to 103 lbs and not doing well. My 53 yr old brother who lives with my mother has cancer.
I lost my job and have prayed for guidance. The spirit has given me the notion to go to them. I have sold most of my possessions to just to pay the government to make my 1986 toyota pickup truck LEGAL to travel.
I will leave on the 25th or 26th.
I will only attend NON 501c3 churchs. If anyone, i mean a born again, saved by grace, washed in the blood, member of the body of christ person like me, knows of such a place near Saukville, Ozaukee county, Wisconsin let me know. Or if there are people like me who want to start a home study group, again i'm ready. Members of my family are not saved. I have to witness and pray for their salvation. I feel the end of the world as we know it is near, as is the time of tribulation. I will have no more internet after the 25th of March

I agree
by: Mary

I agree with you! I do plan on starting one!
Thank you so much!

Looking for a non-501c3 church in St. Louis
by: Dr. Thomas

Virtually all churches in America are operated in the name of the government, which monitors and censors what they can say and do. Almost all ministers are licensed by the state and are state agents -- not agents of God. The easiest way to find a 501c3-free church is to start one -- Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

What could be simpler?

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