The Marriage License Application
Removes God's Authority
From Christian Marriage

Most states insist on a marriage license application by couples desiring a wedding license or state permission to marry.

The marriage license laws make a marriage the state's eyes.

According to Black's Legal Dictionary (6th edition) the term "legal" means to create by law.

Making a marriage legal through a marriage license application is a couple's consent for the state to create the marriage...or bring it into existence. (And you'll be very surprised below when you read what the legal definition of a marriage license is.)

For Christians this is both a logical and religious contradiction. Because in a Christian marriage, it is the two people freely consenting to take each other as spouses that creates the marriage, not some legislative body.

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What is a Christian marriage?

A Christian marriage is...

A permanent exclusive relationship... between a man and a woman... which is governed by two... of the Ten Commandments... Thou shalt not commit adultery... Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.

That is the fundamental element of a Christian marriage. No agent of the state can create a Christian marriage by requiring a marriage license application because according to the First Commandment and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, state law does not trump God's law.

What is a state created marriage?

A state created marriage is...

  1. a civil contract between three parties...
  2. the couple who can be same sex or opposite sex... and the state...
  3. The state's 'commandments' govern the behavior of the couple...
  4. the education of their children...
  5. in some countries, such as China, the number of children...
  6. the acquisition and disposition of any property of the marriage...
  7. including the education of the children in government teachings...
  8. including the exclusion of God from the education of the children...

So, there are then, a Christian's marriage, and state marriages created via the marriage license application before state licensed marriage officiants who have a ministry license in a justice of the peace marriage or a courthouse marriage.

No Christian needs a marriage license application
for state permission to marry.

Why don't you need a wedding license?

Because a marriage license application actually creates a contract between the betrothed couple and the state. And no one can force you into a contract.

Here is what is says in the Nevada Revised Statutes 122.010:

Marriage, so far as its validity in law is concerned, is a civil contract, to which the consent of the parties capable in law of contracting is essential. Consent alone will not constitute marriage; it must be followed by solemnization...

Black's Law Dictionary (6th) defines solemnization this way: "To enter marriage publicly before witnesses."

In fact, the state only requires what was always required for a marriage to have legal recognition and that is that it be witnessed.

In the case of the wedding license, the witness is the state licensed officiant. The state creates the marriage, with the couple's consent (through their marriage license application), and witnesses its own creation...which at best is a conflict of interest.

The wedding license only gives the state control over how the property of the marriage, including the children, is managed.

What exactly is a marriage license?

Black's Law Dictionary (6th edition) tell us that a marriage license is a "License or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to INTERMARRY." (emphasis added). That is, for people of two different races to marry.

And, did you know that marriage licenses came into existence after the civil war and the end of slavery? And that before then marriages were solemnized by the presence of witnesses recorded in the family Bible.

Black's Law Dictionary defines Family Bible: "A Bible containing a record of the births, marriages, and deaths of the members of a family."

And a family Bible containing such records is admissable evidence in a court of law of the facts recorded in it.

Supporting documents for the Bible entries are guest lists at weddings, christenings and funerals. Which are also admissable evidence.

So George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln solemnized their marriages in public by having witnesses recorded in the family Bible.

After slavery was abolished in America, the freed slaves were created by state legislatures as citizens under the 14th Amerndment to the Constitution for the United States.

Anyone wishing to intermarry with a freed slave had to fill out a marriage license application and get the state's consent to the inter-racial marriage.

That is still the definition of a marriage license.

And so, ministers who do pre-marital counseling and insist that the couple submit a marriage license application for a wedding license are crossing religious boundaries by acting as uncompensated state agents and not agents of God.

They are failing to disclose material facts to the couple (facts that could potentially change a person's mind) that the state law can trump God's law in how they raise their children and what they teach their children.

Premarital counseling should explain why a marriage license can require a couple to violate God's law and that to make the marriage recognizable in law, they only need to solemnize it in public in front of witnesses recorded in the family Bible.

True ministry cannot teach people to serve God and mammon and to act in favor of mammon when there is a conflict with God's law.

From marriage license application you can go to separation of church and state.

Or you can...

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