Marriage Without License
Prevents "strange gods"
From Controlling Families

A Christian marriage without license from the State is necessary for the couple seeking to wed so they may honor the First Commandment.

God cannot bless a union that violates the Commandments.

The First Commandment requires that neither Christians nor their ministers enslave themselves by allegiance to the law of strange gods that replaces their allegiance to God who freed them from slavery.

You cannot serve God and is either one or the other but not both.

First, let's look at what a license actually is.

Second, let's then look at what actually gets licensed.

What exactly is a license?

A license is:

  1. A privilege (not a right)
  2. Granted under the licensing power of a governmental body
  3. Which gives permission to the applicant
  4. To act in a way that would otherwise be illegal.
  5. The one granting the license may revoke it (e.g., divorce).
Black's Law Dictionary 6th edition.

This definition says that a marriage without license from the State is illegal; a privilege that may not be exercised without government authority!

Now any thinking person knows that marriage is as old as humanity. If there was any permission to be granted it was usually granted by the bride's family not by a state or tribal government. Marriage licenses only came into existence in America after the civil war...and for a very specific kind of marriage that did require a marriage license application.

But, the above definition says clearly that, if marriage must be licensed, marriage without license is illegal if not licensed by the state.

But, marriage as such has never been illegal in any society.

In all Christian societies, marriage is a contract called into existence and maintained under a religious covenant by two and only two people, a man and a woman.

Though Christian ministers have willingly put strange gods before God by becoming uncompensated agents of the state who demand that couples present them with a marriage license to sign.

If marriage as such has never been illegal, then

What exactly is legalized by a license?

Because within Christianity, marriage is defined as a publicly witnessed commitment between two, and only two, people, a license is needed to make a marriage a three-party commitment.

In Christian marriage without license there are only TWO parties and they operate under God's law.

In a marriage that begins with a marriage license application, the couple invites the state to be a third party, and the controlling party in the marriage.

Three-party marriages are polygamous.

A marriage without license comports with God's law.

A marriage contract in which the state is the controlling party is polygamous, and puts state law (e.g. about children's education) above God's law. It puts allegiance to strange gods before God in violation of the First Commandment.

The implications for Christian couples is serious. Homeschoolers understand how viciously state values can interfere with Christian values in the education of their children.

The implications for ministers who do pre-marital counseling with Christian couples, and require a marriage license, are serious indeed. They operate as state agents under the guise of being servants of God. And they are roundly denounced by Jesus (Mt 7:21-23).

Marriage without license to practice polygamy and without license to replace God's rule with the rulings of bureaucrats is the only way a true Christian couple can be married and honor the First commandment.

The legal document for Christian marriage is the age-old one of the Family Bible. A marriage without license recorded there, along with the names of the witnesses, is legally competent admissable evidence of the marriage.

But, you may say, such a marriage is a common law marriage and those go largely unrecognized by the states.

However, a Christian marriage without license, recorded along with witnesses in the Family Bible, is not a common law marriage. So, let's look at the difference...

Marriage without license v. common law marriage

A common law marriage is an agreement between competent parties to live together and consummate their relationship as husband and wife.

So far that's the same as any other marriage.

However, the difference is that the common law marriage is a private agreement not solemnized by a public agreement before witnesses. While a Christian marriage without license is a public event (even if it takes place in one's living room) that is solemnized by the presence of witnesses to the covenant the couple makes.

Even state-created polygamous mariages must be witnessed, usually by the state agent with a ministry license or pastor's license.

You can read more about the definition of solemnization of marriage with and without license by going from this marriage without license page to the marriage license application page.

Or you can return to separation of church and state.

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