My grandson is a pornography addict

by Rachael B.

My concern is for my grandson aged 13. Two years ago I found he had been on at least 20 porn sites on my computer while visiting my home. When confronted he cried & insisted it was all a mistake and begged me not to tell his mother. I explained to him the dangers & harm this activity can cause. He promised it would not happen again. It still is & its worse then ever. God has impressed upon my heart that he needs help and I will need to engineer it. The appropriate aid needed for him from his mother and father is unavailable. Thank you for your time ad consideration.

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Rachael B and her grandson
by: Admin

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for posting the situation with your grandson's addiction to pornography.

There is a great deal on the internet about teenagers' addiction to things like marajuana, alcohol and nicotine. Unfortuntely, there is very little awareness about teenage addiction to pornography, which seems to affect boys and girls equally.

In your case, you do not have the boys parents as resources and your willingness to help your grandson will be an inspiration to others.

Keep in mind, the internet pornography addiction is an addiction to dopamine, which, unlike alcohol, nicotine, marajuana, heroin or cocaine, is an addictive substance that is necessary to the brain and body.

While the boy might be able to withdraw completely from substances that are introduced into the body, dopamine cannot taken away as other substances can.

The side effects of dopamine addiction are just as devastating as any other substance addiction. The trouble is that pornography on the internet is freely available and much of it free, where other addictions take a good deal of money to support.

It is crucial that a teenager experience the sexual awakenings of puberty in the proper social and moral settings so that his or her sexuality will serve them normally as adults. If it is connected to obscene images, then proper psychosexual development may not take place.

The only solution is to prevent the boy from using pornography while at the same time making sure that he leads a normal social life with other boys and girls. And that is easier said than done. But it is still the goal.

There is at present only one inpatient institution in the US (if that is where you are from) that treats adolescent pornography addicts. They are in Utah. If you contact them they may either be a resource for you or know of other effective sources for you to use as you try to help your unfortunate grandson.

He may not know it, but you are the blessing in his life that will hopefully save him from a life of slavery to addiction.

You can contact the Oxbow Academy who may be able to point you in the right direction. They are at

Please let us know how you progress with your grandson. Anything you learn may be useful to others who read this site and are struggling with the same problem.

Blessings on you and your grandson.


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