Pastor Kevin Guillory

by Kevin Guillory
(Baltimore, Md)

Our church is presently a 501c3. But we're changing that. However our secretary says that it is impossible for us to get a checking account without it. Is this true? We live in Maryland (ugh) so does that have anything to do with it?

In Christ's Name,
Pastor Kevin Guillory

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non-501c3 Church with no checking account
by: Admin

Hi, thanks for writing. We do not give legal advice or administrative advice. However, in our experience all banks are federally controlled by the Comptroller of the Treasury (most participate in the government franchise called FDIC) and are subject to federal laws. So, most banks will require a some sort of federal number, which you would have as a 501c3 entity.

On the other hand, God's people in both Old and New Testaments used silver or other currency and legal tender of the day for daily commerce.

Many people do not have bank accounts. So, some people tell us they use money orders or money grams instead of checking accounts or other institutional banking services for transactions.

Your secretary is merely thinking mainstream. Giving up 501c3 status is getting out of the mainstream. Jesus did not have a checking account and Judas didn't take a cashier's check for his services in identifying Jesus.

Some thinking and research should get your problem solved.

All the best

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