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Years ago I went to the site that gave all the articles of the 501c3 and what you were agreeing to, I was of course astonished. Now I can't find the site to read what was then about sixty pages. Where can I find this? Thank you.

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501c3 rules require moral cowardice
by: Anonymous

You can get the 501c3 rules from

Essentially when a church converts itself into a 'tax exempt organization' it requests the IRS to censor its ability to criticize individuals by name in government.

So, genocidal executives, and congresspeople who authorize genocide, and judges who rule that the people have no standing to object to genocidal government, are all immune by name from criticism by 501c3 churches.

For example...when Lyndon Johnson (the originator of the 501c3 'church') halted the bombing over North Viet Nam, the bombing over Laos intensified.

Senator Fulbright asked Monteagle Stearns, the officer in charge of the genocidal bombing of the Laotian people, why.

Stearns replied: "Well we had all those planes sitting around and couldn't just let them stay there with nothing to do."

And the 501c3 churches were silent to protect a single man who ordered genocide against innocent men, women and children.

(See "United States Security Agreements and
Commitments Abroad, Kingdom of Laos,"Hearings
Before the Subcommittee on United States Security Agreements and Commitments Abroad of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Ninety-First Congress, First Session, Part 2, October 20, 21, 22, and 28,1969, p. 484"

That's what you agree to when you seek the censorship of a 501c3 'tax exempt organization'.

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