I would like to know what all the things you can do with a 501c3. Where can you use them.

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Uses for 501c3 organizations
by: Admin

You are on the wrong website.

26USC Sec.501(c)(3) Lists the organizations that it 'recognizes' as tax exempt.

In a search engine type in us code. Click on the link to the code. For the title box type in 26
for the section box type in 501, then scroll down to paragraph c and then subparagraph 3.

That's where your answer is.

All the uses for a 501c3 organization
by: Anonymous

I have to admit that I don't understand your question if you have read this information on 501c3 applications for churches.

The question belongs in an entirely different context.

If you want to know who qualifies for 501c3 recognition, then you must go to or read the law for yourself at 26 US Code Sec. 501.

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