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Privacy Policy of (also referred to below as...this site) Last modified April 18, 2008 At we value and respect your privacy and your right not to be exploited by secretive internet technology or practices. Accordingly, this privacy policy spells out to date
  • ...what information we collect on visitors
  • …what web pages we collect it from
  • …how we collect it
  • …and how we use it.
Minors on the internet. does not solicit…nor does it knowingly accept…personal information from people under the age of thirteen.

Information we collect from this site's… Contact Us page

We encourage visitors to our website to contact us with any questions…comments…or concerns through our Contact Us page. On that page we ask for certain information

  • …first name – so that we may personalize our response
  • …e-mail address – so we may respond
  • …type of message – so we may respond timely
  • …and the actual message.
The IP of the person contacting us is noted so that we know we are communicating with an individual.

We dislike spam as much as you do. Email addresses from the Contact Us page are only used to reply to the individual who writes to us.

These email addresses and the IP are stored separately with the email and with our response. They are not bundled in a data base…and not given, rented or sold to any other party. They are not used again for other purposes…unless we need to modify or correct our original response to the person who contacted us.

Subscribe to The Boundary Hunter Newsletter page

When a person subscribes to The Boundary Hunter they are asked for their first name…which is optional…and their email address which is required in order to send them the current issue.

Email addresses from the subscribe form are automatically added to a dedicated data base because sending out the newsletter is an automated process.

These email addresses are retained in the dedicated newsletter database until a subscriber…or another person to whom the subscriber may forward the newsletter… clicks the unsubscribe link in any edition of the newsletter.

We have no access to email addresses of people who receive forwarded copies of our newsletter The Boundary Hunter. And no way to prevent them from unsubscribing the original subscriber.

When anyone clicks the unsubscribe link in the newsletter…the subscriber’s email address is automatically…and immediately…removed from the data base. Then the unsubscriber…who may not be the original subscriber…receives a confirmation pop up window confirming the cancellation of the newsletter.

This data base is used only to forward the subscribed material to the one who requested it. It is not given…rented…or sold to other parties…or used by us for any other purpose.

Q&A page

Asking questions and engaging in dialog about boundaries in ministry is a highly effective way of judging how one is acting in a given circumstance.

Accordingly…we encourage ministers…and others involved in ministry…to submit questions and comments for publication on this page.

This is done through the Contact Us page and the privacy policy above applies here…with the exception that we will use the name the person supplied…usually only the first name…at the end of their question or comment.

We reserve the right to edit questions and comments for length and grammatical issues that affect the meaning of the communication.

We reserve the right not to publish a question or comment at our own discretion.

We reserve the right to publish at our discretion…in part or in whole…on other pages of this site...questions and comments submitted by visitors to the Q&A page.

Information others collect for us

To study whether our content is relevant to our visitors we may select to put an html code supplied to us from Google Analytics on various pages. Google…not…collects certain kinds of general information…which they combine into statistical reports…which are available to us a day later.

These reports include such data as…

  • …how many visitors arrived at this site on a given day
  • …the average time all visitors spent on the site on a given day
  • …the average number of pages visited on a given day
  • …the percentages of visits from various countries
  • …examples of keywords people typed that got them to this site
  • …and so forth.
This list is not exhaustive but represents the kind of statistical data Google collects for our information.

We use this information to evaluate our site content to help make it more relevant to our visitors. For example, if a page gets very few visits…or if visitors spend almost no time on a page…we may decide to modify the page or remove it.

We cannot identify our individual visitors using Google Analytics. So a person’s anonymity is maintained while visiting this site. And we do not know that anyone has visited until the next day.

This information is retained for our use by Google Analytics on their server.

Anything retained by Google would be subject to their privacy policy. reserves the right to alter…amend…and update this policy as it sees fit and necessary. If there are changes to the site that affect the privacy of our individual visitors…those changes will be posted here and in the newsletter sent to our subscribers.

By continuing to visit this site you automatically agree that its privacy policy…stated here…is satisfactory.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy we would welcome them. You may go from this privacy policy page and contact us.

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