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Thought virus ebook

Thought viruses are unfounded beliefs that erode a person's ability to make sound judgments.

The scandals in the Christian churches which have come to light show the devastating effects of poor judgments...and the action taken on those judgments.

There are several thought viruses with a direct bearing on the minister's judgments.

These thought viruses make the ministry unsound so that God cannot rely on the ministry to fulfill its divine purpose of bringing his people home to him.

Download your FREE copy of thought viruses that affect ministry and how to cure that God may rely on you to fulfill his divine purpose in the world.

Download the thought viruses ebook.

Effective time management ebook

Just as unfounded beliefs make effective ministry does poor time management.

Poor time management leads to burnout...which is a precursor of depression. And God cannot rely on depressed ministers to carry out his divine plan.

If ministry is to fulfill its divine purpose...the minister's gift of time must be used well.

Read how people...including the minister...can use time counter-productively. And learn how to make time work in your favor.

Have fun reading about the simple technique a monarch uses to keep visitors from derailing her schedule.

You can do the same thing after you...

Download the time management ebook.

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