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by Matt

I have a question for you. I plan on starting my own ministry, a prophetic ministry. i don't want to go down the road with a 501c3 plan, and i want to receive donations yet be tax exempt. Is there a way to go about this? i have heard that ministries are already tax exempt and as well as churches by law. How would you go about this with the IRS? Do I have to fill out any forms to do what I want to do? I hope to hear from you and what you think on this matter, blessings matt

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Planning a non-501c3 ministry
by: Admin

Hi Matt,

Your thinking is not clear yet. First, you are starting a ministry, and if you look on our home page, you will see the universal definition of any ministry, its scope and purpose.

The confusion appears to be whether you can accept donations. Anyone can donate to anyone else for any lawful reason whatsoever. We make a point of giving alms to beggars on city streets.

Your confusion may be whether your members can deduct their donations to you on their tax returns.

That is not any business of yours. If you are a ministry, then you cannot be in the business of creating financial tax benefits for people.

If people want to donate to your ministry in order gain financially from your tax immune status, then they are not joining the ministry for Godly reasons, but for financial reasons.

Matthew 7:21 says pointedly to ministries that are not authentic but only appear to be so, that they are engaging in an evil practice. Both God and the IRS require your consent to their jurisdiction. Either you live under God's law or IRS law, you cannot do both, because they contradict each other.

Decide if you are a ministry, or a broker for tax breaks for your members. Then act according to the jurisdiction you have chosen.

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