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A Letter to the Romans bible study analysis is crucial for Christians because so many ministers interpret Romans 13:1-7 to mean that God ordains governments to rule over us, and in order to do God's will, we must obey those governments, whether they are evil or benign.

But, you can only conclude that if you think Paul is referring to government officials, bureaucrats. Bureaucrats must derive their authority from someone else besides themselves or God.

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What does the Letter to the Romans 13:1-7 say?

Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities,

[In America, the people under God are the highest authority.]

for there is no authority except from God,

and those that exist have been established by God.

[That is what The Declaration of Independence declares.]

This erroneous idea, that evil bureaucrats are above God's law, was the foundation for the Divine Rights of Kings, which has been debunked over and over again as people the world over have routinely rejected it.

Who is the government in the US of A?

The Founding documents of this nation assert that the People are the higher authorities, the government, under God's law, and they delegate their sovereign powers to government officials as administrators accountable to the People.

This is made plain in the Declaration of Independence where it says that the administrative government may exercise its delegated powers only with the consent of the governed.

So, in America at least, St. Paul is correct if you don't confuse "government" with "government official" and know who constitutes the government and from whom government officials derive their authority.

That is why, in America, government officials are called servants. Although, many times the People fail to call their servants to account for abusing their delegated powers...and the servants act like the masters.

If Christian ministers preach the Letter to the Romans, in any Romans bible study group or from the pulpit, as a mandate from God to be subject to civil servants and their policies...

then in those Romans Bible Study situations they are editing out all parts of the bible where God makes it clear that it is his government...and not civil government...to which his people owe allegience.

And the first thing to go is the First Commandment in which God sets his people free from the tyrannical government of the Pharaoh.

And any Letter to the Romans Bible Study situation that says God intends his people to be subjects of tyrranical governments, is deleting the First Commandment from the Bible.

The reason that God must free the Israelites from slavery is because God only relates to his people in the covenant, a contract, which ultimately will become the Ten Commandments.

And no one can enter into a contract or covenant unless they are free.

Any agreement or consent without complete freedom is made under duress...and duress voids contracts.

There are both civil and religious citations that debunk the erroneous notion that God establishes civil governments which must be obeyed and honored however evil they might be.

The Founders of this nation said in the Declaration of Independence that such governments must be changed or abolished. And this reflects precisely what God requires in the First Commandment.

The mandate for God's government under the New Testament is reaffirmed in Isaiah 9:5...where the Messiah is the head of government...

For unto us a child is born;

A Son is given;

And the government shall be upon his shoulder.

When governments interfere with churches existing under God's law, and ministers claim God authorizes civil governments to usurp his law, that amounts to a Christian heresy.

The following images show how out-of-boundaries governments lead to evil. What is happening in each picture is sexual battery and it is a crime in every jurisdiction.

Government sexual battery "to keep the people safe"

The first image is of a nun having her genitals probed by a TSA agent. No separation of church and state there.

Here is a young child being sexually groped by a government agent. It is a crime

If the agent were a priest, there would be a fifty-million dollar lawsuit.

Here is a young boy being stripped searched in an airport. It is a crime.

The idea from any Romans Bible Study group that governments who sexually molest their citizens are ordained by God is blasphemous...and promulgates the theology of the god Moloch.

For more on this you can go from Letter to the Romans Bible Study page to separation of church and state.

But first consider making your contribution below to this important aspect of boundaries in ministry.

Does a Letter to the Romans Bible Study Command Allegiance to Both Good and Evil Governments?

Do you have a strong view of what your obligations to earthly governments are under the Letter to the Romans Bible study of Chapter 13. Some ministers say the Letter to the Romans obliges Christians to believe that even evil governments are established by God and you must obey them. The American Declaration of Independence says you must change or abolish them!

What do you say to that? Share it here!

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