Romans Chapter 13 Does
NOT Require Godly Obedience
to Evil Governments

Letter to the Romans chapter 13 appears to some ministers to require Christians to believe that God himself direcly establishes human governments; some of which are good and some of which are evil.

And these ministers insist under divine right theory that whether these supposedly God-ordained governments be good or evil, Romans chapter 13 commands Christians to obey them to the letter without question or criticism. Conscience 'hangups' are irrelevant.

This is the old divine right theory of the divine rights of kings which held that kings, good or bad, were exercising God's authority directly and were to be obeyed to the letter.

This is utter nonsense!

Divine right theory cannot be inferred from Romans 13 because the very first king God punished was the Pharoah!

How do you decide whether a government is evil or good? NOT by a majority of votes for one favored politician.

The only standard that can be used to decide whether a government is evil or good is by comparing its policies with God's Commandments (Romans 8:13ff)

As you will see in the following video there is only divine tolerance of kings (or dictators or presidents) as long as they do not offend God's law or try to enslave his people.

In modern times, this erroneous idea, taken from Romans chapter 13, that heads of government and their officials are doing God's will and wielding His authority either for good or evil has been brought forward to sanctify the actions of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

And even today Romans chapter 13 has inflitrated political thinking to establish a direct link between God and the divine right of presidents.

Romans chapter 13 and Nancy Pelosi When Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, endorsed the current president she said that he is "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time."

This is a direct appeal to the erroneous interpretation of Romans chapter 13 that God establishes civil governments directly and endows them with the the divine rights of kings to exercise His authority for good or for evil, for or against His people.

Ministers who act under a state ministry license and whose churches operate under their 501c3 application become 'spiritual agents of the state'.

Such ministers and churches cannot campaign publicly for 'good' political candidates; nor can they campaign against 'bad' candidates.

They must support openly or tacitly both good and evil governments.

This removes any effective boundaries from ministry.

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Effects of Romans 13 used as a divine license

Ministers who teach that Romans chapter 13 is a divine license from God to civil government to contradict God's law subscribe to the following:
  1. That God is the direct source of both good and evil.
  2. That God contradicts himself and renders his word false that his people (kings included) must follow his law.
  3. That contradictions are truth though they are always false; (NOTE: the acceptance of contradictions as truth is a hallmark of psychotic thinking).
  4. That Romans contradicts itself because at Romans chapter 13:8 Paul asserts that the Commandment to love one another is a summary of God's law, the Ten Commandments.
  5. That kings, dictators, presidents and ministers allegedly exercising God's authority for both good and evil, shall not be accountable for their actions on judgment day, which denies the Lord's promise to disown them found in Matthew 7:21-23
  6. That God is both the servant of and the tool of civil government policies, both good and evil.
  7. That one's conscience can never contradict the state.

God and the state are not identical. God is wherever his Law is put into effect. The separation of church and state means that the state cannot usurp God's law.

But, God's law can always usurp the state as Pharoah and kings through the milennia have found out the hard way.

You can go from Romans chapter 13 to God's politics.

Or, you canÂ…

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