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How Does Sexual Abuse
Become A Church Ministry?

No one in their right mind would say that sexual abuse was a church ministry...would they? Though the clinical record shows some did have it as a ministry. Because people who are abused often (but not always) become abusers themselves...and even cite tradition as the reason for their abuse 'ministry'.

And sex abuse can become a ministry to adults as well as children. Though adult abuse can be more subtle...because it is often blended with helpful services such as counseling or even spiritual direction.

Six essentials for sexualized ministry

  • Lack of a proper definition for the ministry

  • Lack of demonstrated maturity in ministry candidates

  • Lack of knowledge about transference

  • Lack of training for different ministries

  • Lack of adherence to a guiding ethical code

  • Lack of supervision and accountability in ministry activities

All of these issues that have led others to sexualize ministry need to be addressed in the minister's formation and in ongoing formation.

Some of them will require teaching and coaching the minister by a trusted person.

Others can be addressed directly by the minister in self-supervision.

For example...the proper definition of ministry will go a very long way in keeping the minister safe from doing non-ministry or pseudo-ministry addressed in the scriptures (Mt 7:21ff).

Then too, an adherence to the Ten Commandments will ensure that the minister brings himself or herself...and the people...closer to God.

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