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The purpose, stated on this Terms of Use page, of boundaries-for-effective-ministry.org is informational and educational.

It is comprised of religious…psychological…and political opinion – all of which are protected speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The website is intended to raise awareness and call relevant people to action about deficient training and formation of priests…professed religious…lay ministers and the ministers of other denominations, which results in serious boundary violations.

Proper training of ministers in specific aspects of human relations could have gone a long way to prevent much of the sorrow and degradation of individuals…the churches…and the Christian community at large.

Some information on this website may be disturbing to certain visitors. Accordingly...

Visitors use this website at their own risk. They agree that by using any information on this website that they have done so in accordance with their own good judgment and that they take full responsibility for any effects whatsoever arising from the use of such information. And visitors also agree to hold this website and its administrator’s…as well as those providing services to it…harmless and blameless in any and all circumstances.

Copyright and fair useage.  The contents of this website...except where otherwise noted...are original copyrighted work of the author(s).  Under fair useage customs...short excerpts may be quoted...with the condition that credit for the quoted material must be given to this website...with a link back to the page from which the material was taken.

Age requirement.  This website neither solicits nor knowingly accepts information from any person under the age of thirteen years. It is the responsibility of parents and educators to protect their children from inappropriate and harmful internet exploitation.

Browsing this website or using any information provided to visitors constitutes the visitor’s agreement to the above Terms.

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