What's wrong is right?

by S.B.

Romans 13,3 states:

"For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong..Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right..."

-Since when do policies that demand our submitting to pornographic images of our person at airports be taken and then they are filed away for future purposes doing what is right?

-Since when does the sexual assault of one's person mean doing what is right?

-Since when is groping the genitals of children or their being strip searched even in the wildest stretch of the imagination be construed as doing what is right?

We are being turned upside down...What is white is black, what is black is white...what is wrong is right, what is right is wrong... This country has become an insane place to live...

What do we say to our minsters who preach we must be submissive? How can anyone insist on being "safer" after being
sexually assaulted? How can we say it is the right or good thing to submit to?

People wake up, get up and move into action...let our voices be heard, let our actions give vent to these outrages!!! Assert what is good and right.

Paul states, "for the authorities are God's servants.." 13,6

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Dec 07, 2010
What's wrong is right, When sexual battery means safety
by: Admin

It is unfortunate that Americans live happily with contradictions.

War is Peace (George W. Bush)

Sexual Assault secures aircraft

Confucius warned us 500 years before Christ

"When words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty"

And so it comes to pass.

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